Training Calendar 2023-24


Sl. No.Topic of the trainingLocationCategory of the participantsDuration (Days)Tentative date of conduct
1Production technology of Sali paddy   and hybrid paddy  SingraF & FW2 Days10 & 11 July, 2023
2Contingency Agricultural  plan for flood prone areasRoha, Chakchaka blockEF (Krishi Sakhi)1 Day8th August, 2023
3Production technology of  fodder  crops  Bajali BlockRY1 Day18th August, 2023
4Skill development training on bioinputs  preparationAnandpurF & FW3 Days7th – 9h Sept, 2023
5Scientific Production technology of  Rabi maizeMandiaF & FW1 Day4th Oct, 2023
6Scientific Production technology of  potatoBathanartariRY1 Days12th Nov, 2023
7Raising and management of Horticulture nurseryKVK, BarpetaRY5 days29,30 June and 1, 2, 3 July, 2023
8High value crops strawberry,  dragon fruitBajaliPF/FW2 Days11-12 July 2023
9Off season vegetable cultivationSarbhogRY2 Days9-10 August, 2023
10Post harvest management of fruits and vegetablesSarupetaRF2 Days22-23 August, 2023
11Production and management technology of Assam LemonBhawanipurPF/FW2 Days10-11 September, 2023
Plant Protection
12BCA and Biopesticides-application and useTapaEF1 Day15th July, 2023
13Mushroom production techniquesBhawanipurRY2 Days20-21 July, 2023
14Vocational training on Mushroom spawn production techniquesKVK BarpetaRY5 Days24-28 July, 2023
15Pest management in riceSauraF & FW2 Days16-17 Aug, 2023
16Improved cultivation practices of Potato and marketing in collaboration with PepsiCoMandiaF & FW1 Days22nd Aug, 2023
17Improved cultivation practices of Potato and marketing in collaboration with PepsiCoPatbaushiF & FW1 Days23rd Aug, 2023
18Improved cultivation practices of Potato and marketing in collaboration with PepsiCoTapaF & FW1 Days24th  Aug, 2023
19Vocational training on mushroom production techniquesKVK BarpetaRY5 Days12th -16th September, 2023
20Training on honeybee rearingKVK BarpetaRY1 Days4th October, 2023
Agricultural Economics
21Farm record keeping and account maintenanceMohammadpurPF/ FW2 Days17-18 May, 2023
22Marketing of agricultural productsBichankuchiPF/ FW2 Days25-26 May, 2023
23Agripreneurship development for self employment generationMadhabpurPF/ FW2 Days8-9 June, 2023
24Farm Planning and managementTepartariPF/ FW2 Days20-21 June, 2023
25Grading and standardization of Agricultural productsKalgachiaRY2 Days11-12 July, 2023
26Transformation of agriculture to agri-businessRupshiRY2 Days20-21 July, 2023
27Agripreneurship development for self employment generationSRLM office Kalgachia BlockEF2 Days14-15 August, 2023
28Transformation of agriculture to agri-businessSRLM office, Paka Betbari BlockEF2 Days12-13 September, 2023
29Grading and standardization of Agricultural productsUttar BherbheriPF/ FW2 Days22-23 October, 2023
30Marketing of value added agricultural productsSatra KanaraPF/ FW2 Days9-10 November, 2023
31Marketing of value added agricultural productsBaradiPF/ FW2 Days6-7 December, 2023
32Farm Planning and managementBelbariPF/ FW2 Days17-18 January, 2023
Community Science
33Training on Fibre Extraction from plant sourceMandiaRY2 Days12 & 13th June, 2023
34Processing and preservation of locally available fruits                                                               and vegetableKVK campusPF/RY4 Days27th June to 1st July, 2023
35Tie and dye used in fabricKalitaparaRY3 Days19th – 21st  July, 2023
36Training on Cutting and stitching of petticoatKhatalparaRY1 Days1st August, 2023
37Training on Fibre Extraction from plant sourceNoontola RY2 Days16th & 17th August, 2023
38Training on Cutting and stitching of petticoatJalikhata RY1 Days1st November,2023
39Application of Natural Dye on Cotton YarnKalgachiaPF2 Days13th and 14th Nov’2023
40Training on food AdulterationkeotkuchiEF1 Days29th November
41Designing and Construction of Blouse.KVK campusRY/WF5 Days18th to 22nd Dec’2023
Animal Science
42Goat Farming – Its Economic Impact on Rural WomenVellaRural women1 Day28 June, 2023
43Feeding Management in ruminant and preparation of silage and hey for additional feed supplement for ruminantHathinapurRural Youth2 Days10-11 July, 2023
44Vocational training on Value addition of milk and meat productKVK, BarpetaExtension worker5 Days19 – 23 August, 2023
45Biosecurity measures in pig farm and Bokashi SystemGahekhandaRural Youth2 Days26 – 27 August, 2023
46Vocational training on millet production, their utilization and value additionKVK BarpetaFarmer & Farm women4 Days16th to 19th August, 23
47Training on millet productionMandia blockFarmer & Farm women1 Day24th July, 2023
48Training on millet productionMandia blockFarmer & Farm women1 Day1st August, 2023
49Training on millet productionRupshi blockFarmer & Farm women1 Day3rd August, 2023
50Training cum Awareness on milletsRupshi blockFarmer & Farm women1 Day10th August, 2023
51Training cum Awareness on milletsRupshiFarmer & Farm women1 Day14th August, 2023