Irrigation system in decorative plants through home made capillary method

  1. Take a plastic bucket and make two to three holes 3-4 inch above from the bottom
  2. Take a circular disc with a stand of which diameter is same with diameter of the middle of the bucket so that it can be fixed at the  middle part of the bucket
  3. Make 5-6 holes and put wicks into the hole.
  4. The lower part of the bucket is filled up with water
  5. Put sufficient growth medium (soil and manure mixture) on the disc fixed in to the bucket
  6. Plant the sapling in the soil and cover it with a  lid
  7. The wicks will absorb the water and keep the soil wet so that the plant can get sufficient water for its growth and development.
  8. When the water level comes down in the bucket, the water can be filled up through the pores kept at the side of the bucket

Technologies modified :

  • In general, the cuttings of citrus, and other ornamentals, is done by using 2 parts of sand and one part of compost. On the other hand, Md. Hossain uses only coarse sand as rooting media.
  • Md Hossain uses the mixture of loamy soil and cow dung in 50:50 proportion for pot mixture against the recommended proportion of sand: soil : manure is used in the proportion of 1:1:1;
  • For layering, generally soil and manure is used in equal proportion; while he uses top soil and cow dung mixture in the proportion of 80: 20.


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